JAKE HOUSDON ("Jungle Jake")

Shamanic Practitioner & Guide to Conscious Professionals.

Remove unwanted patterns from your life with the energetic medicine of the Peruvian Andes.

Creator Nature Reading

We all create differently.Imagine if there was a blueprint that showed you your unique way of creating.Your Astrological Natal Chart can provide deep insight into your health, creativity, business, relationships, and other realms of our lives.

Energetic Illumination

Energetic imprints keep us stuck.They're caused by traumas that result in unprocessed, stuck emotion.The Illumination process removes imprints, the energies associated with them and anything that attracted them to begin with. We'll balance and clear your chakras.

Soul Retrieval

We've all lost parts of our soul.When we experience great traumas parts of ourselves become fragmented in order to cope.We will journey to the lower world (collective unconscious) and retrieve your lost soul part, the soul contract you wrote under stress, your power animal and a medicine gift.

About Me

I walked away from my role as a tech executive to follow a shamanic calling.When I was 21 years old I received a vision during an Ayahuasca ceremony to build a retreat centre in Peru. At the time, I was an early employee at a promising tech startup and decided not to act on it.Ten years and three startups later, I was living a workaholic lifestyle. I ran my health into the ground after a decade in SaaS sales. I was burnt out, unfulfilled and seeking a deeper purpose.So I sold everything, packed my life up and moved to the jungle to follow that vision.I built the retreat centre, started a reforestation project and focussed on healing.I discovered ancient traditions of energetic medicine that blew me away. They're more effective than any healing modality I've come across.I'm now a committed student of both the traditions of the Peruvian Amazon and the Andes.I'm dedicated to helping assist other people through similar transformations.


Understand Your Nature.

Get an intuitive reading of your astrological natal chart, the blueprint of your soul, as it pertains to your wellness and creativity.

Energetic Medicine

Energetic Imprints.

Dark pools of stagnant energy that are stored in your luminous enegy field. They attach to your body through your chakras. They're caused by traumas and unprocessed, stuck emotion. They're the energetic cause behind unwanted mental, emotional and physical dis-ease.

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